Synchronised clips workflow

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Dear Emiliano,

Not sure about the Arri Alexa Mini (haven't come across it before), but if it looks valid in FCPX then it is probably supported by Apples AVFoundation, so it should be ok.

Sync clips, we only believe a sync clip is valid if it contains video and at least one audio track. If the sync clip covers the entire portion it is used in a timeline i.e. the sync clip is one minute long and only 20 seconds of this is actually referenced in the timeline then we will trim the sync clip. The official statement is "Sync clips that contain a video clip and one or more audio clips, which entirely cover the used portion in the timeline will be trimmed, Sync clips that do not meet these criteria will not be trimmed, but copied in their entirety. Breaking apart such Sync clips will allow the media to be trimmed."

Fades, if you use Levels/AutomationGain/RubberBanding where you have lets say given at point X a pad of 3 dB, and point Y a pad of 5 dB we will put those points and those values for the audio in the AAF. However FCPX is logarithmic in scale and ProTools will translate a more linear path between point X and Y.
If you put a fade handle on, then we will translate that into the AAF, i.e. on a clip it fades in or out completely and is the only audio at that point.

Keyframes, should be supported, you might have to activate them on each track if you sent to Logic instead of ProTools.

Hope the above helps.

Yours sincerely


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Im starting to edit a feature film in FCPX. The final sound mix will be done in pro tools. I have a couple of questions just be sure our planned workflow will run smoothly.

The movie was shot with the Arri Alexa Mini in prores. The audio was recorded on a Zoom F8 generating poly wav files with iXML data, so we have audio subroles for every mic. We already create the synchronized clips inside FCPX.

Can x2pro handle the synchronised clips without any issues, or I will have to break apart the clips to have the original clips before exporting the xml? Will the audio fades in/out be translated in the AAF? What about the volumes adjustments and keyframes?

Anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance and sorry about my english, im not a native speaker!

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