Unable to generate AAF file - RED

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8 years 3 days ago - 8 years 3 days ago #1209 by Graeme Robinson
Graeme Robinson replied the topic: Unable to generate AAF file - RED
Hi Mitchell,

All the information that X2Pro gets about the clips used in your project is contained in the fcpxml file, and FCP X only puts file names of the full resolution clips in the fcpxml. There is no information about where an proxy files are located or what they are called.

The file path in the error message (/Volumes/FCPX 16/ART ACHE THE ONE.fcpbundle/Art Ache/Original Media/A033_C007_0803KX/A033_C007_0803KX_001.r3d) is the only file that FCP X has put a reference to for that clip. X2Pro can't use a proxy instead because there is no information in the fcpxml about where that proxy clip is located and/or what it is called.

Are you sure that there isn't audio in those RED files, even if it is silent? X2Pro will try to extract audio even if it is silent.

Solutions could be:
  • - Get hold of your full resolution clips and let X2Pro extract the audio from them.
  • - Duplicate your sequence and disable all the RED clips in the sequence. (You must have the "Discard disabled clips" option checked in FCP X for this to work.)
  • - UPDATE: This option is not as easy as I thought it might be, so isn't really an option Edit the fcpxml to remove all references to r3d files. (I may be able to have a go at doing this if you can attach your fcpxml file.)
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8 years 3 days ago #1208 by mitchharris
mitchharris created the topic: Unable to generate AAF file - RED
Hi there,

I'm currently unable to generate an AAF file as I'm working from proxys (but do have access to the original sound). No sound was recorded on the RED files so why does X2Pro insist they be available?

I have all the necessary sound available but the AAF will not create without the RED files. It's daft! Desperately need to create this in the next 5 hours.

Here's an example error
Writing AAF file
Adding assets to AAF file
Adding essence for asset [8 S260T4] to AAF file
Opening audio extractor for portion 0 of asset [8 S260T4]
Failed to open audio extractor
Error Failed to open [file:///Volumes/FCPX%2016/ART%20ACHE%20THE%20ONE.fcpbundle/Art%20Ache/Original%20Media/A033_C007_0803KX/A033_C007_0803KX_001.r3d]

Suggestion: Ensure that the file exists

No AAF file has been generated.

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