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Liz Cox created the topic: Rules for the Marquis Product Forum
These guidelines are to make everyone’s experience in the forum better and more efficient. Please read all the information here before making a new post.

1) Before posting a question, please use the knowledgebase search and the forum search (they are two separate searches) to see if there is already an answer on the site. In many cases it will be a faster way of finding an answer or solution.
2) Choose the right forum section if you are making a new thread.
3) Don’t hijack an existing thread if your post is not related.
4) Please include the version numbers of any software involved (e.g. OS X/FCP X/X2Pro/Worx4 X/Pro Tools).
5) If you are having an issue converting your project; in almost all cases, someone will need to see an fcpxml in order to help. It will speed up the investigation if this is provided (by attaching it to your post) before it is specifically asked for.
6) If X2Pro or Worx4 X are showing you an error; please clarify if all of the suggestions in the error message have been looked into and what the findings were. Please also copy the text from the error message and paste it into your post. Do not take a screen grab of the error window because the message is often truncated in a screen grab and the text in a screen grab will not be searchable.
7) If X2Pro or Worx4 X is crashing (if it “quit unexpectedly”), please attach a console log (Applications>Utilities>Console – All Messages – Save a Copy As…) and note the time that it crashed.
8) If there is a something wrong with the sequence in the AAF (e.g. sync issue/missing clip/incorrect duration) please tell us the name of some of the problematic clips and the time code where they are in the project so that we know exactly what we’re looking for.
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