What to do if you see this warning.

6 years 1 month ago #6418 by Daniel Beasley
Daniel Beasley replied the topic: What to do if you see this warning.
Hi jrvaughn,

Thank you for you sharing what type of file is giving the QTKit warning.

As for the "Failed to open media file" message. I have been discussing this with one of our developers, and the problem seems to be that the wav file is simply too big. The WAV format is limited to files that are less than 4 GB (Explained under the limitations section).

We were able to do a quick transcode(to m4a), pop it in an xml and it went through X2Pro just fine. So if possible, doing a transcode should sort this issue out.


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6 years 1 month ago #6417 by jrvaughn
jrvaughn replied the topic: What to do if you see this warning.
Hi James,

We are seeing this QTKit warning for a multi-channel wav file.

This warning is also generated by X2Pro:
"The following issues were found (may cause loss of some audio from AAF) :
• Failed to open media file [file:///Volumes/LiveAction/Hardcore_Tabletop-Achievement_Hunteropoly/01_SOURCE/02_AUDIO/180521/HTT_RAW_AUDIO_10_TRACKS_PART_5.wav]

X2Pro Audio Convert 4.2.2"

Our file was generated first by recording each channel as a separate track in Adobe Audition. Those tracks were then exported to wave files. And finally those separate tracks were combined into a multi-channel file in Pro Tools.

We are wondering if the QTKit warning has anything to do with the failure to open media. I am uploading the file to the SFTP drop.

Thanks for your help!

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6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #6357 by James Carrick
James Carrick created the topic: What to do if you see this warning.
Currently X2Pro uses AVFoundation in the first instance to extract audio, if AVFoundation cannot extract the audio then the software will attempt the extraction using QTKit.

At some point in a future version of X2Pro, it will no longer use QTKit to attempt an extraction if it was unable to extract using AVFoundation, as QTKit will not be supported by Apple at that time. For a detailed explanation please go to marquisbroadcast.com/Data-Collection/qtkit-warning.html

The current release of X2Pro will still use QTKit if AVFoundation failed to extract the required audio, but will generate a pop up "QTKit Warning" and will list the files that it had to use QTKit to open.

If you see this warning then we would please ask you to help ourselves and Apple by forwarding any details you can about the media in question (what device created it, its frame rate, codec, wrapper, etc..).

We will also make available an SFTP drop folder where media can be uploaded for us to investigate in the first instance, if you are happy for us to look at it. So you are aware the media cannot be downloaded by any one else using the SFTP site. On investigation we might want to make the media available to Apple if so we will ask for specific permission for this. Please be aware that any media that is supplied to us will only be used for testing in our lab and will not be supplied to any 3rd party unless we have specific authorisation to do so, all media will be deleted when we have finished with the investigation into it.

SFTP drop folder details:
User - QTKit_Warning
Password - s&mC+u&,bX&rv{FF

Yours sincerely

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