Cannot get Worx4X to work

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4 years 6 months ago #5591 by Graeme Robinson
Graeme Robinson replied the topic: Cannot get Worx4X to work
The fcpxml that Worx4 X creates contains full paths to the trimmed/copied media files that it puts in the folder that it Worx4 X creates (e.g. /Users/UlfLaursen/Desktop/ConsolidatedProject/ If you move that folder and fcpxml to another location (e.g. a different machine), then those paths will not be correct any more. FCP X should be able to relink to the files though.

Steps to relink are:
1. Import the consolidated fcpxml.
2. Select the project in the event.
3. "Click" File>"Relink Files"
4. Select "Missing"
5. Click "Locate All"
6. Choose the folder with all the trimmed/copied clips in.
7. Click the "Relink Files" button
8. Now your media files should all be back online.

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4 years 6 months ago #5590 by UlfLaursen
UlfLaursen created the topic: Cannot get Worx4X to work

I just purchased the software from app store.

I took a very simple project, and exported it as XML from the latest FCPX.
I imported it in W4X and made the folder with all media inside, and all seems good.

05:25:33 Worx4 X v1.0.31
05:25:33 Inspecting /Volumes/Data/TEST_FCPX/Samuella Cadeaux July 2017.fcpxml
05:25:33 Consolidation is expected to reduce the size of the project as follows:
Trim Handles: 2.0s.
Uncompressed audio files will be copied.
Sync clips will be optimised.
Original project: 0.08 hours - 0.47 GB.
Consolidated project: 0.08 hours - 0.47 GB.
05:25:46 Consolidating...
05:25:46 Processing 0Vintage Collage Promo_Render_1
05:25:46 Copying as file (entire asset used)
05:25:48 Processing days-of-hope_M16mV8Bu
05:25:48 Copying as file (uncompressed audio)
05:25:48 Processing IMG_0364
05:25:48 Copying as file (asset is a graphic file)
05:25:48 Finished creating trimmed media
05:25:48 Finished rewriting Final Cut Pro XML

I copy the entire folder to another mac with the same version of FCPX. I reimport the XML, and the event / project comes in ok, but I get the red "missing file" sign where my media is.

My media is default prores 422 files and AIF files.

Please help me out. Thanks :)

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