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Daniel Beasley replied the topic: CONSOLIDATE SURPRISINGLY BIG
From looking at your xml we appear to consolidate the two clips "generique emission" and ""render generique". The other clips we are unable to consolidate because of the limitations that Worx4 X has. Most of your project appears to be multicam which have to be copied in their entirety.

"Compound or MultiCam clips are copied in their entirety, media file which are longer than these clips will be trimmed to the length of the original Compound or MultiCam clip."

The last clip you have in your project is a sync clip which we can consolidate only if it meets certain criteria.

"Sync clips that contain a video clip and one or more audio clips, which entirely cover the used portion in the timeline will be trimmed, Sync clips that do not meet these criteria will be copied in their entirety. Breaking apart such Sync clips will allow the media to be trimmed."

Looking at the xml, the sync clip appears to be just a single video clip, is this correct? If so, if you take it out of the sync clip it should consolidate it and save you some more space.

All of the limitations of Worx4 X can be found here

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ercorr created the topic: CONSOLIDATE SURPRISINGLY BIG
Trim Handles: 0.5s.
Uncompressed audio files will be trimmed.
Sync clips will be optimised.
Original project: 28.1 hours - 928 GB.
Consolidated project: 27.0 hours - 891 GB.
Saving 36.4 GB.
IS THAT NORMAL? the film’s length is 76’
when exported without compression (HD 1920x1080) it weighs 73 Go
50% of the shots are group clip (two cams)
the rest are synched clips or single video clips.
how come the saving is only 36 Go for 928!
it seems that the clips are not trimmed, are they? and to what extend?
(I understand that for group clips both cams are kept in the consolidate)

I tested the consolidate on a small portion and the fact is that it doesn’t trim the video.
did I do something wrong?

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