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4 weeks 1 day ago - 4 weeks 1 day ago #7807 by Noel Jones
Noel Jones replied the topic: [TS 9361]: Large area of missing clips
Thank you for this useful information:

A follow up to my Worx4X Issues. I did some housekeeping on the 9 minute timeline and it appears that solved the issue. 
I have successfully exported the XML, shared the project to Worx4X, consolidated the project and re-opened it using the 
Worx4X XML.

The main thing I did was take the clips out of the Secondary Storylines, trimmed some of the overlapping clips to
clean up the timeline, removed the disabled unused clips, leaving the video of interviews under the b-roll but disabled.

A general pass through to clean t up.
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1 month 4 weeks ago #7793 by Create1
Create1 created the topic: [TS 9361]: Fw: Worx4 Contact Us
I purchased Worx4X on the App Store. I have a
9 min. project, followed the instructions. Created a new Library, imported Worx4X generated XML and I have large areas of missing clips. This project uses 9 b-roll selects .mov files as well as single clips. Some of the clips in the timeline have the same name, such as,
"EDOH_kNot Today Selects_01". I cannot identify and specific, or consistent reason for the missing clips.

Attached is the XML file exported from the Master Project and 2 screen shots.

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