Support for Canon CRM files

1 week 4 days ago #7732 by rossh
rossh replied the topic: Support for Canon CRM files
Hi James,

Is this workflow as follows?

Project edited in FCPX using CRM files -> get FCPX to create proxies of those -> set Viewer to 'Proxy preferred' (I don't know any other setting that tells FCPX to use / refer to Proxies other than this) -> export XML and import into X2Pro

So far I'm having no luck, plus getting this issue:

Unable to parse FCP XML file

Unable to parse FCP XML file to obtain project information

Extracting Audio
Getting audioRate attribute
Int attribute had value of [48000.2]
Parsing FCP XML
Parsing FCP XML document
Parsing asset element

- Ensure that the file is not locked by another application and is readable;
- Ensure that this is a valid FCP XML file from a released version of FCP X;
- Ensure that this is the export of a Project, not of a Library or Event;
- Ensure that this is not an empty project (or that all audio is disabled);

X2Pro Audio Convert 4.5.4


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2 months 2 weeks ago #7636 by James Carrick
James Carrick created the topic: Support for Canon CRM files
Dear All,

We have had over time quite a few requests to support Canon CRM files. We have to use Apples AV foundation, and this has not been able to support these files although we have, and some of you have requested support be added into AV foundation.

There is now a feasible or possible workaround within FCPX using the support for version 1.9 XML's.

It is possible to set the CRM media as Proxy, and to set the proxy creation in something like ProRes. Essentially the media will get converted to ProRes which AV foundation has obviously full support for. In the AAF creation we would look for the Proxy media as it is referenced in the 1.9 XML's.

We need to test and prove this, but we would welcome anyone's thoughts or suggestions whether this would be a practical workaround to carry out in the field.

Yours Sincerely


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